About Us

Who We Are

Clara Bossie

Healing Through Expressive Arts, Inc. was founded in 2012 by Clara Bossie, LMFT, a practicing marriage and family therapist, educator and artist. During her career, Clara realized that “the creative self is the healthiest self.” While she witnessed the healing power of the artistic process, she also discovered the lack of funding available for treatment resources. As a result, she created the HEArt Show to promote awareness and raise critical funds for organizations that integrate art into the healing process

As of 2016, Healing Through Expressive Arts, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

What is the Mission of the HEArt Show?

We promote Healing through Expressive Art. The HEArt Show is an annual event to promote awareness of the healing power of expressive arts and to raise funds for organizations that utilize art in the healing process.

What We Do

The Annual HEArt Show event is an artistic exhibit and art sale that brings together professional and amateur artists to display their talents to the community. All forms of creative expression are encouraged: in the past we have had musicians, jewelry & clothing designers, culinary artists, photographers and makeup artists, in addition to traditional visual arts.

We encourage artists to donate their artwork, offer demonstrations and create interactive displays. The event is set up like a gallery, with patrons enjoying light food and beverages as they experience the many creative exhibits. Tickets are sold in advance and works are offered for sale to the event goers. The Beneficiary Organization receives 100% of the profits from the event.

Our hopes are that

  • event participants will come to see and value the many forms of art as healing tools
  • the community will recognize and support the efforts of the Beneficiary Organization as demonstrating effective use of art in the healing process

For 2018

This year, we have selected Professionals United for Parkland as our Beneficiary Organization. The Professionals United for Parkland, created to identify and meet the short and long-term needs related to mental health/wellbeing of the south Florida community in the aftermath of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas tragedy through evidence-based services. More information is available on their website: www.pu4p.org.

For 2017

Our 2017 annual HEArt Show was held on February 25, 2017 to benefit The Milagro Center of Delray Beach. We raised nearly $14,000 from the HEArt Show to contribute to their Arts Education programs.

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